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"Oh Devi, You are existing in each and every form, in each and every step, in each and every movement of this world" - Abhinavagupta

Who is the supreme Devi and where does she exist? by Abhinavagupta

devi stotra kashmir shaivism supreme devi Jun 28, 2023

In his commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, Abhinavagupta shared a important verse he wrote about the supreme Goddess – Para Devi in Kashmir Shaivism, where he explained… Who is the supreme Devi and where does she exist?

Devī Stotra

Tathā ca mayaiva śivaśaktyavinābhāva stotre [Bhagavad Gita, chapter 15, comm. verse 19]. I, [Abhinavagupta], have also somewhere in the Śiva Śakti Avinābhāva Stotra, I have penned down ślokas for Devī.

Who is Devī?
JOHN: Svātantrya śakti.
SWAMIJI: Svātantrya śakti (Lord Shiva’s absolute energy of independence), which is existing where? In manifestation, not above manifestation.

DVD 15 (46:18)

तव च काचन न स्तुतिरम्बिके
सकलशब्दमयी किल ते तनुः ।
निखिलमूर्तिषु मे भवदन्वयो
मनसिजासु बहिष्प्रसरासु च ॥

tava ca kācana na stutirambike
sakalaśabdamayī kila te tanuḥ /
nikhilamūrtiṣu me bhavadanvayo
manasijāsu bahiṣprasarāsu ca //

It is Devī Stotra by Abhinavagupta.
Tava ca kācana na stutir ambike
. O Mother, O Mother, tava ca kācana stutir na, by going, by sitting in a meditation room aloof, leaving all activities aside and thinking of You, [reciting], “oṁ parā vāk devī namaḥ, oṁ parā vāk devī namaḥ, oṁ parā vāk devī namaḥ . . . parabhairavāya namaḥ, parabhairavāya namaḥ . . . ,” like this, and reciting [Your] name, that is not Your stuti (hymn)–Abhinavagupta says–that is actually not Your stuti, i.e., the one who sings [Your] glory in the secluded corner of the pūja room with all of the doors shut.
Why? Why is it not that?

Sakala śabdamayī kila te tanuḥ. O Mother, O great Mother svātantrya śakti, “this is jug, this is paneer, this is lime juice, this is ghee, this is parātha (bread),” sakala śabda mayī, this is also Your stuti. When I perceive [these things], this is also Your stuti (hymn). Sakalaśabda, You are not excluded there! Sakala śabda mayī kila te tanuḥ, this [objective world] is existing in Your universal body, O Mother.

So, nikhila mūrtiṣu me bhavad anvayo, and [Your] mūrti (form), You have got four arms and eighteen heads, like this–this is not Your body. Nikhila mūrtiṣu me bhavad anvayo, when I see Viresh, I see Mother; when I see Jonathan, I see Mother; when I see George, I see Mother; when I see that shikas, that mad [person], I see Mother. Nikhila mūrtiṣu me bhavad anvayo, I am united in Thee, O Mother! Manasijāsu bahiṣ prasarāsu ca, and while thinking thoughts, in those thoughts also You are existing for me!

DVD 15 (50:54)

इति विचिन्त्य शिवे शमिताशिवे
जगति जातमयत्नवशादिदम् ।

iti vicintya śive śamitāśive
jagati jātamayatnavaśādidam /

Going into the depth . . . myself, after going into the depth of this secret of Thee, jagati jātamayatna vaśādidam, I find that in this universe, it has happened automatically!

न खलु काचन कालकलापि मे ॥

na khalu kācana kālakalāpi me //

Each and every moment I am adoring You, thinking of You, O divine Mother! I have no one [else] in view, only You. You are existing [for] me in each and every mūrti [form], in each and every step, in each and every movement of this world.

Source: Bhagavad Gita, In the Light of Kashmir Shaivism (with original video),
revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo,

All Content is subject to Copyright © John Hughes.

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