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The objective of the Lakshmanjoo Academy is to educate the public and academic community on the Teachings of the venerable Shaiva Master Swami Lakshmanjoo (1907 – 1991) by making available his translations and commentaries of the ancient classic texts of Kashmir Shaivism. The Lakshmanjoo Academy is a branch of the Universal Shaiva Fellowship, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
The Universal Shaiva Fellowship is dedicated to the devotional aspect of the Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo, with a special focus on his annual Birthday and Mahasamadhi Celebrations.

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Study Sets


This website is dedicated to the publishing of new works through the lens of Kashmir Shaivism as well as the announcement of educational events that will be hosted by The Lakshmanjoo Academy.

Swamiji says

Weekly excerpts of Kashmir Shaivism from the original recorded Lectures of the oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo (audio or video with transcript).

Online courses

Online courses and Webinars, for Students of Spirituality From Around The World Who Aspire to Learn the Basic Tenets of the Profound Philosophy Known as ‘Kashmir Shaivism' at taught by Swami Lakshmanjoo.


The oral Teachings of Kashmir Shaivism as taught by Swami Lakshmanjoo (original audio/video material with transcript in hardcover, paperback and ebook plus free audio downloads).