Whatever happens - He is never lost. ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

We have been studying some very interesting parts from Abhinavagupta’s Bhagavad Gita, in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo in our Weekly Sangha. This particular part from Chapter 13 (verses 27-28) is very reassuring in today’s turbulent times.

DVD 13 (59:30)

यावत्किञ्चित्संभवति सत्त्वं स्थावरजङ्गमम् 

क्षेत्रक्षेत्रज्ञसंयोगात्तद्विद्धि भरतर्षभ  ॥२७॥

yāvat-kiñcit-saṁbhavati sattvaṁ sthāvarajaṅgamam  /

kṣetra-kṣetrajña-saṁyogāt-tad-viddhi bharatarṣabha  //27//


Whatever happens in this world, kṣetra and kṣetrajña is conducting in each and every respect. Kṣetra means this body, kṣetrajña is the soul.

Which soul? – limited soul (puruṣa).

And limited soul (puruṣa) is conducted by unlimited soul (Parabhairava) side by side, in the body; He also whips him; He takes the whip and sees if he has some capacity for learning – “let him rise, let him rise” – He pushes him and he rises.

Kṣetra kṣetrajña saṁyogāt tat viddhi bharatarṣabha, all is done automatically. It is an automatic machine. This is a computer – real computer – and he rises.

DVD 13 (1:00:46)

समं सर्वेषु भूतेषु तिष्ठन्तं परमेश्वरम् 

विनश्यत्स्वविनश्यन्तं यः पश्यति स पश्यति  ॥२८॥

samaṁ sarveṣu bhūteṣu tiṣṭhantaṁ parameśvaram  /

vinaśyat-svavinaśyantaṁ yaḥ paśyati sa paśyati  //28//


And Parameśvaraḥ who is existing in each and everybody, not only in human beings, but in insects also (in insects also that Parabhairava is existing), vinaśyatsu, if this body holder (body holder means that limited body holder [puruṣa]), if he dies, that next one does not die. He carries him into another fresh body and goes on, goes on, goes on carrying him with new improvements, a new increment. Everybody increases, everybody increases.

There is no doubt that he is lost.

He is never lost!

Who sees this, who understands this, he is understanding, he is understanding it in real sense, and he is filled with wisdom and he is likely to become, sooner or later, one with Parabhairava.

Whatever happens - He is never lost. ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

Source: Chapter 13 verse 27-28, Abhinavagupta’s Bhagavad Gita, in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo
This was an excerpt from the Weekly Sangha #81, where we study the above Text

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