What is that is not and what is not that is by the free will of Lord Shiva ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

A small but poignant excerpt from Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara (The Essence of the Highest Reality, where Swami Lakshmanjoo explains how what ‘is’ becomes ‘is not’ and what ‘is not’ becomes ‘is’. The Supreme Universal Being makes the impossible possible and the possible impossible. The greatest svātantrya (absolute freedom) of Lord Śiva. 

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परमं यत् स्वातन्त्र्यं

दुर्घटसंपादनं महेशस्य 

देवी मायाशक्तिः

स्वात्मावरणं शिवस्यैतत्  ॥१५॥

paramaṁ yat svātantryaṁ

durghaṭa-saṁpādanaṁ maheśasya /

devī māyā-śaktiḥ

svātmāvaraṇaṁ śivasyaitat //15//

The greatest svātantrya52 of Lord Śiva is durghaṭa saṁpādanaṁ, which is not possible [for] any limited being to handle. No one has any power to handle like this. That is durghaṭa saṁpādanam.

Durghaṭa saṁpādanam. What is and what is not; what is becomes [what] is not, what is not becomes [what] is, by the svātantrya of the māyā śakti of Parabhairava. What is, that becomes [what is] not, and what is not, that becomes [what] is.

What is that is not and what is not that is by the free will of Lord Shiva ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

DENISE: Like what’s possible becomes impossible, . . .


DENISE: . . . and what’s impossible becomes possible.

SWAMIJI: Impossible.

It was not possible for Parabhairava to become jīva (the limited individual); and [for] jīva to become Parabhairava, it is not possible. But jīva becomes Parabhairava; Parabhairava becomes jīva. This is just māyā śakti. This is māyā śakti. This is the courses. These are the courses of Parabhairava.

By māyā śakti, He makes you get absorbed in the dreaming state [and remain concerned with] what I am dreaming. [For example], I dream that we are no more existing. And I dream, sometimes, we are all existing. [But] existence and non-existence, it has no value.

It is durghaṭa saṁpādanaṁ maheśasya. And this is the conduct, the real conduct, of the māyā śakti of svātantrya, His svātantrya.

And that is svātmāvaraṇaṁ śivasya, this is the covering by which He covers His own body. Who? Parabhairava. Parabhairava just covers His own body and He is nowhere available in the market. You cannot find [Him] although you go on searching day and night, with no news.

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