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We are studying the devotional text of the Hymns to Shiva – Utpaladeva’s Śivastotrāvalī.

The enchanting verses that comprise the Hymns to Shiva were born on Kashmir Valley’s picturesque Dal Lake as an inspirational outpouring of devotion from the heart of the medieval Kashmiri spiritual master and mystic Utpaladeva.

When commenting on this text Swami Lakshmanjoo would tell his devotees that, “Devotion or passion for God consciousness is everything”.

As Utpaladeva proclaims:

“This is also a great wonder to me
that in reality, by nature, this mind is
the seed of pain, sorrow, sadness and torture.
But this seed, when watered with
the nectar of devotion to Thee,
bears the fruit of final liberation.”

Although these hymns were composed more than a thousand years ago, they are still recited to this day by devotees worldwide. Utpaladeva’s Shivastotravali – Hymns to Shiva – is one of the most profound and important examples of devotional poetry in Kashmir Shaiva philosophy.

As a realized master Swami Lakshmanjoo (1907-1991) both understood and experienced the essence of this universal teaching. Throughout his lifetime he freely invited everyone to explore the means by which they could recognize and experience the reality of their own divinity.

Join us for:

  • meditation practices that ground us
  • video lessons by Swami Lakshmanjoo
  • discussions with John, Denise, and George
  • question and answers

Course Leaders:

Discussions will be led by John and Denise Hughes and George Barselaar, all of whom studied directly with Swami Lakshmanjoo. The emcee is Shanna Hughes.

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