Samadhi is where there is no mind, when mind does not work. If mind is one-pointed, it is God. ~Swami Lakshmanjoo
In his revelation of the Vijñāna Bhairava, Swami Lakshmanjoo explains what samādhi means, and also how the mind works according to Kashmir Shaivism…
Samadhi is where there is no mind, when mind does not work.   If mind is  one-pointed,  it is God.  ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

Dhāraṇā 23

तनूदेशे शून्यतैव

क्षणमात्रं विभावयेत् ।

निर्विकल्पं निर्विकल्पो

निर्विकल्पस्वरूपभाक् ॥४६॥

tanūdeśe śūnyataiva

kṣaṇamātraṁ vibhāvayet /

nirvikalpaṁ nirvikalpo

nirvikalpasvarūpabhāk // 46 //

Actually samādhi is where there is no mind, when mind does not work. The functioning of mind is just to think of things which are not concerned with anything. Things which are not concerned with anything, it is mind. This is the actual formation of mind.

The formation of mind is: you don’t need it. “This is paper. This is specs [spectacles].” You don’t need specs but it comes in your mind: “This is specs.” You have nothing to do with those specs. “This is paper”; you have nothing to do with paper, you have no concern with that paper, but it . . .

DENISE: Comes in your mind.

SWAMIJI: . . . comes in; it is your paper. That is the functioning of mind.

Actually, mind is nothing. If mind is one-pointed, it is God.

So, this is what he says: tanu deśe śūnyataiva kṣaṇamātraṁ vibha, just for one moment you concentrate on voidness.108 Because mind is actually nothing; it thinks without any concern. “This is a book; this is a pot; this is a hand”–I have nothing to do with the hand; I have not to utilize anything.

DENISE: It collects useless information.

SWAMIJI: Yes, useless impressions. It creates useless impressions which are not connected, which he has nothing to do with. This is the formation of mind. And when this [formation of mind] takes [its] end, this [mind] is put to an end.


JOHN: This, mind.

SWAMIJI: This functioning of this useless [mind].

Śūnyata, in your body you should just for one moment concentrate on that voidness (mind is actually void of everything; mind is very great, the highest, and this is one with Lord Śiva), [and] nirvikalpaṁ nirvikalpo nirvikalpa svarūpa bhāk, he becomes nirvikalpa, thought-less, and he takes the formation of thought-lessness, and he gets entry in the thought-less state. That is Śiva.

This is śāktopāya sentenced to śāmbhavopāya.


108. On another occasion, Swamiji interpreted this verse as follows: “Tanū deśe, at the place where your body is seated, just imagine that your seat is nowhere, kṣaṇamātrā vibhāva. You have to just imagine, ‘my body is seated nowhere.’ With your thought-less state, you have to imagine that although you are seated, just see that, ‘I am seated nowhere; my body is seated nowhere.’ And discard all your thoughts in your mind. [Then,] the state of thought-lessness rises; the nirālambana state of samādhi is obtained.”

(source: Vijnana Bhairava, by Swami Lakshmanjoo)

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