The path is Śakti, the path is not Śiva ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

Swamiji elaborates on why “The path is Shakti (energy); the path is not Shiva.” and why “Energy is the real path you have to tread.”

This lecture is an excerpt from the Vijnana Bhairava: The Manual for Self Realization, verses 20-21, revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo . . .

The path is Śakti, the path is not Śiva ~Swami Lakshmanjoo


निर्विभागेन भावना ।

तदासौ शिवरूपी स्यात् 

शैवी मुखमिहोच्यते ॥२०॥


nirvibhāgena bhāvanā /

tadāsau śivarūpī syāt

śaivī mukhamihocyate // 20 //


When you enter in the state of energy and leave your individual state (you have not to enter in the state of energy for always), you have to throw off the individual state and enter in the energy to enter in the universal state in the end. Because, unless you [throw] off your individuality, universality will not rise, universality won’t take place.

So you have to enter in the state of energy first (śakti avasthā praviṣṭasya), then afterwards, yadā nirvibhāgena bhāvanā bhavet, when you feel that undifferentiated-ness comes in your consciousness–undifferentiated between energy and the holder of energy–tadāsau śivarūpī syāt, at that very moment, this sādhaka60, his bhāvanā61 becomes one with Lord Śiva.

So, the path is Śakti, the path is not Śiva (śaivī means Śakti). Energy is mukham, the path is iha, here, ucyate, explained. Energy is the real path you have to tread.


यथालोकेन दीपस्य 

किरणैर्भास्करस्य च ।

ज्ञायते दिग्विभागादि 

तद्वच्छक्त्या शिवः प्रिये ॥२१॥

yathālokena dīpasya

kiraṇairbhāskarasya ca /

jñāyate digvibhāgādi

tadvacchaktyā śivaḥ priye // 21 //


O dear Pārvatī, just like with the light of your candle or torch (dīpasya ālokena, by the light of your torch, or candle, or by the rays of the sun), all the differentiated points of deśa (space) are known, are understood, in the same way, Śiva is being understood by Śakti, by His energy. Energy is the means by which you can understand and enter in the state of Lord Śiva.


60 Aspirant.

61 Contemplation, meditation, in continuity; when you sentence your mind with awareness to one point.


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