In this excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism, chapter 16, Swami Lakshmanjoo explains that there are two kinds of glories in Kashmir Shaivism, one is…

Awareness will carry you to that greatest power of maintaining oneness with Lord Śiva, and without any other support. ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

In this excerpt, Swami Lakshmanjoo explains the difference between initiation and automatic knowledge (breakless awareness – prātibhā knowledge). “Gurvāyattā tu sā dīkṣā this [inferior] initiation is dependent to master. But if…

Whatever action you do, according to the way of your organs, that action will become divine only when there is awareness. ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

“Awareness” is the crucial point Swamiji is making in this gem from the conclusion of Chapter 4 from the Bhagavad Gita, In the Light of Kashmir Shaivism, by Swami Lakshmanjoo….

“You have to find out the nature of doership in all the three states: waking, dreaming and dreamless state. ” ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

In this excerpt from The Mystery of Vibrationless-Vibration in Kashmir Shaivism: Vasugupta’s Spanda Kārikā & Kṣemarāja’s Spanda Sandoha Swami Lakshmanjoo explains what is really to be realized in Kashmir Shaivism and…

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