Swami Ram’s Jayanti (birth anniversary) 2021 falls on the 12th day (Dwadashi) of the lunar fortnight.

In India, the 12th day falls on Sunday 10th Jan. In the USA, it is one day earlier, on Saturday 9th Jan.

Swami Ram was Swami Lakshmanjoo’s grandmaster and was held in the highest esteem by Swamiji. He initiated Swamiji at his sacred thread ceremony in 1915, when Swamiji was just eight years old. Shortly after this Swami Ram attained Mahasamadhi and left his chief disciple Swami Mahatab Kak in charge of Swamiji’s spiritual tutelage.

The Ishwar Ashram Trust has dedicated a Facebook series of video presentations from Jan 5th to Jan 10th for this occasion.

The Lakshmanjoo Academy (Universal Shaiva Fellowship) prepared a presentation that can be viewed on the Ishwar Ashram Facebook page on Saturday, Jan 9th at 6 pm IST, 4:30 am PST, and on the Lakshmanjoo Academy YouTube channel from the same time onward.

Swami Ram Jayanti 2021 – Presentation by the Lakshmanjoo Academy

PDF download with a transcript of the verse from the Devi Stotra, which Abhinavagupta included in his commentary of the Bhagavad Gita chapter 15, verse 19. This verse which explains that all speech is an expression of the Divine was revered by Swami Ram.


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