Śaktipāta [grace] is conducting everybody in various ways ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

This is a continuation of a previous lecture about puruṣa and prakṛti, taken from the 13th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism. Here Swami Lakshmanjoo says there are various ways of understanding… It is not [only] one way that he is in samādhiŚaktipāta [grace] is in various ways conducting everybody.


DVD 13 (56:26)

ध्यानेनात्मनि पश्यन्ति केचिदात्मानमात्मना 

अन्ये सांख्येन योगेन कर्मयोगेन चापरे  ॥२५॥

अन्ये त्वेवमजानन्तः श्रुत्वान्येभ्य उपासते 

तेऽपि चातितरन्त्येव मृत्युं श्रुतिपरायणाः  ॥२६॥

dhyānenātmani paśyanti kecidātmānamātmanā  /

anye sāṁkhyena yogena karmayogena cāpare  //25//

anye tvevamajānantaḥ śrutvānyebhya upāsate  /

te’pi cātitarantyeva mṛtyuṁ śrutiparāyaṇāḥ  //26//


Everybody is behaving . . . when he has become pāta, [graced with] śaktipāta.

Śaktipāta [grace] is conducting everybody in various ways ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

Śaktipāta is in various ways conducting everybody. It is not śaktipāta in one way that he is in samādhi, i.e., some sing the glory of Lord Śiva day and night. Some go on doing service for mankind everywhere without any reward. Dhyānenātmani paśyanti, some people concentrate in the heart and see Him. Kecidātmānamātmanā, some people by mind, they focus their minds and they enter into samādhi. Annye sāṁkhyena yogena, some people, by hearing the śāstras from masters lips, by that they rise. Karma yogena cāpare, some in adopting karma yoga (karma yoga [means] yoga in action), they go on [acting] and thinking of Lord Śiva.

And they have got friends, and his friend is seated before his master. Although he does not understand the philosophy of his friends’ master, he asks his friend, “what has he said, what has he said to you?” He in reply says, “he has said like this,” and he goes on deriving that [knowledge] and bas, he also rises. Śrutvānyebhya, from friends they hear the reality of generalizing [i.e., explanation] in this Parabhairava state. All are rising. All rise!


Source: Bhagavad Gita, in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism by Swami Lakshmanjoo

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