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Kashmir Shaivism and the Transformation of Life


Many participants wrote that this webinar, as the name implies, was life transforming and finally gave them an insight into Kashmir Shaivism. We are excited to announce that due to popular demand we have created an online study course, which includes the downloadable video and audio, along with an additional 130-page transcript of the original six sessions.

If you have already participated in this webinar, please forward this announcement to your friends and family. 


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Swami Lakshmanjoo takes us on a journey of discovery and rediscovery. He reveals to us the reality of this world and our place in it.

In this groundbreaking, 6-week online course, Kashmir Shaivism and the Transformation of Life, you will discover that:

  1. This universe, which is filled with infinite diversity, is not different or separate from the supreme light of Consciousness called Lord Shiva.

  2. You are that Lord Shiva, and your greatest journey, therefore, is a journey of rediscovery filled with joy and excitement.

  3. “The individual and Lord Shiva are one. To realize this is the essence of Kashmir Shaivism.”

This online series is designed for students of all levels and all ages. It is shaped around the original audio recordings of Swami Lakshmanjoo’s revelation of Abhinavagupta’s seminal text, the Bodhapañcadaśikā “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom”. This text is a brief but revealing collection of verses about the nature of reality and our place in it. Swamiji was interested in explaining these verses because they address the fundamental reality of non-dualism as taught by the tradition known as Kashmir Shaivism.
This journey may seem long and the way uncertain, but great preceptors like Swami Lakshmanjoo have gone before us. To help us on our way Swamiji draws a mystical, spiritual map filled with his personal insight and experience.
The study course is led by John and Denise Hughes, and George Barselaar.  John, Denise and George all lived in Kashmir for a number of years with the sole purpose of studying and learning Kashmir Shaivism at the feet of the philosopher/saint Swami Lakshmanjoo, the last living exponent of this important yet hitherto hidden tradition.
Each of the nine classes lasts one to one and one half hours and includes original audio lectures on the Bodhapañcadaśikā, “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” given by Swami Lakshmanjoo. They also include original audio extracts from other texts such as the Tantraloka, Spanda Karika, and Secret Supreme, along with clarifications and discussions from the course leaders addressing salient questions posed by participants of the live webinar. 
The audio material is supported by visuals, powerpoint slides, pictures and text that help the student by providing tools for understanding.
“One of the most tangible, practical and accessible teachings that perfectly marries the world of science and spirituality and provides tools that all of us can use to make the world into a better place.” Jody Weiss
According to the many positive testimonials, one of the biggest benefits of this course was its application to a persons everyday life.
“Thank you very much for the just concluded and enlightening Webinar series! I grew up in Srinagar and had heard about Swamiji, but never had the good fortune to either meet him in person, or to listen to his commentaries while growing up.  You, through your assiduous work, have allowed people like myself to go back in time and relive moments, as though in the presence of dear Swamiji. Kudos to you all!
The series was very well conducted and the topic chosen, the Bodhapañcadaśikā, was simple, yet profound. I look forward to more seminars from the Academy. I am sure, having spent a number of years with Swamiji, you folks are in the best position to select the next topic.”
– Dr. Jatinder Bhan


“I was very pleased and delighted with all of the classes, learned immensely from the materials and the downloads especially the audios of Swamiji and subsequent commentaries. It was like a mini retreat. Or, maybe I could say, it was analogous to the concept of Yoga in action in the sense that Swamiji’s birthday retreat and Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi Havan and retreat were like our daily meditations early and late. Then the webinar was like the “Yoga in Action” strengthening the practice in between.
Jai Guru Dev”
– Bruce Catalano
quote“I want to congratulate you all of the Academy for reaching this milestone of conducting a successful webinar. This was a great experience for me after a long time. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the next one.
Thank you all for doing this.
Jai Guru Dev!!”
– Manika Kaul

So, if you missed any part of the series

YOU can experience this life changing knowledge whenever you like!

Now for just


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The philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism has aptly been described as – ‘The Mystical Geography of Awareness’. These teachings not only give a straight forward and clear explanation of the nature of reality, but also outline the means by which any individual can have the direct experience of this reality.

As a realized master Swami Lakshmanjoo (1907-1991) both understood and experienced the essence of this universal teaching. Throughout his lifetime he freely invited everyone to explore the means by which they could recognize and know the reality of their own divinity.

The Bodhapañcadaśikā “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” is a brief but revealing collection of verses by Abhinavagupta. As he tells us in the conclusion, this text was written to instantaneously elevate those dear and devoted disciples whose intellectual power was not highly developed. Swamiji was interested in explaining this text in English because it addresses the fundamental reality of non-dual Shaivism and sheds light on the relationship of Lord Shiva to His creation. According to Abhinavagupta, this universe, which is filled with infinite diversity, is not different or separate from the supreme light of Consciousness called Lord Shiva. The external objective world is nothing but the expansion of His Energy. It is filled with the glorious radiance of His God Consciousness. Thus, this world is not an illusion; it is completely real. In his rendering, Swami Lakshmanjoo unfolds the nature of this creation and the knowledge that frees us from our own self-delusion. His exposition lends clarity and understanding to this important work of Abhinavagupta. The ideas he illumines are subtle and fundamental to understanding the central themes of Kashmir Shaivism.

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Includes: 130 page transcript, 6 sessions of video, audio of recitation of Sanskrit verses (MP3) along with Sanskrit text (PDF) and slides (PDF).

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