Bhagavad Gita Sangha #54 Chapter 7 verse 7-13

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This is Swamiji’s letter to John Hughes, which we shared during the Sangha…

AnuttarastikaVerse2 Letter to John and Denise 1989

From Abhinavagupta’s Anuttarastika (verse 2)

saṁsāro ‘sti na tattvatas tanu bhritāṁ bandhasya vārtaiva kā
bandho yasya na jātu tasya vitathā muktasya muktikriyā /
mithyāmoha kṛideṣa rajju bhujaga-cchāyā piśāca bhramo
mā kiṁcittyaja mā gṛihāṇa vilasa svastho yathā-vasthitaḥ // 2

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