In this excerpt from the Essence of the Supreme Reality: Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara, Swami Lakshmanjoo reminds us that “No matter what happens, go on remembering God and He will carry you.”


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तस्मात् सन्मार्गेऽस्मिन्

निरतो यः कश्चिदेति स शिवत्वम् 

इति मत्वा परमार्थे

यथातथापि प्रयतनीयम्  ॥१०३॥

tasmāt sanmārge’smin

nirato yaḥ kaścideti sa śivatvam /

iti matvā paramārthe

yathā-tathāpi prayatanīyam //103//

“So, O my devotees,” Abhinavagupta says to everybody, “O my devotees, asmin sanmārge, on this path of Parabhairava, the achievement of Parabhairava, whoever has taken a step with pure desire, no matter if that desire is slow or if that desire is intense or whatever it is, who has taken this step, who has tread on this step, . . .”

It does not matter if he is a brahmin, if he is a wattal (sweeper), if he is an outcast, if he is anybody, it does not matter for that.

“. . . nirato yaḥ kaścid eti sa śivatam, he becomes one with Parabhairava. Iti matvā, this way you should take in your mind, yathātathāpi prayatanīyam, whatever happens, whatever may come, go on doing practice, go on doing practice. That practice may be the lowest practice, that practice may be medium practice, that practice may be intense practice, go on doing something, yathātathāpi, whatever comes.”

If you are trodden down, go on doing, go on remembering God, go on remembering God. This is the way in which[ever] way you will remember [Him], bas, He will carry you, He will carry you. Because that remembrance is [the way]. It may be medium, it may be low, it may be very low, it may be the lowest, it may be intense, it may be very intense, that does not matter. Go on, another step, another step.

(source: Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara (The Essence of the Highest Reality),
Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo
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