Dear Friend of the Lakshmanjoo Academy,

As we head towards the end of 2014, we want to share with you what has happened in the past twelve months and what we can expect for the continued expansion of our work in 2015.

We want you to know that it is with your help and support that we have been able to make such strides and would like to ask that you support us again with an end-of-the-year pledge that will assist us in expanding our work. Here are some highlights of our recent efforts:

With your help and support we did it! 


  •  The Lakshmanjoo Academy is now formed and will be housing all of the writings and books Swami Lakshmanjoo has left with us. These include texts that we have edited and published, as well as additional texts waiting to be released. As an academic organization, we plan on publishing all of Swami Lakshmanjoos revelations, such as the Spanda Karika and the Spanda Sandoha, which are due out next year.
  • This Spring, we released the stunning Festival of Devotion & Praise: The Shivastratovali in a 510-page, hard-cover book along with a CD. In his translation of these hymns, Swami Lakshmanjoo describes Utpaladeva’s longing & devotion for God Consciousness, and how this is the calling of all sincere spiritual aspirants. These hymns are so profound they have the power to free the devoted reader from the restrictions of their intellect and instantaneously elevate them to the experience of oneness with the very nature of their own divine consciousness. If you want your own life & relationship to God, as expanded consciousness all around you to inform your life, than please enjoy this book (visit our website www.LakshmanjooAcademy.org  for details). This book, which is available on our website is also an exquisite gift for someone in your life who wants a glimpse of the longing for God as shared by Swami Lakshmanjoo himself.
  • We are so pleased to announce that, with your help, we have hired our first publishing expert who is helping us repackage all of our books into a volume set along with beginning to out-reach to national and global book distribution and retail partners. This, more than anything else, will transform our work in 2015 and beyond into the type of teaching organization Swami Lakshmanjoo envisioned; one which can share the works of Kashmir Shaivism far and wide.
  • In mid October, we launched our first webinar study-group for students who long for the depth & intimacy of learning the profound works of Kashmir Shaivism as taught by Swamiji. This weekly class called Kashmir Shaivism & the Transformation of Life has over 90 participants from around the world. Many of the participants have expressed their gratitude to John & Denise Hughes and George Barselaar, for bringing a new clarity and depth of understanding to Swamiji’s teachings. Some of the comments of appreciation we have received: 

Wonderful first Webinar I enjoyed it immensely.  

It was so nice hearing everyone’s voice, hearing the stories, 

listening to the commentaries, the breathing exercise, etc.   

Much appreciated on this end.

I’m looking forward to next week. 

I really liked the pictures while you were talking too.

Jai Guru Dev

– Bruce

“. . . truly flawless and beautiful. 

Everything flowed amazingly well. I

was able to follow all aspects of your 

teaching . . .

. . . adding the breathing technique twice 

a day is perfect. These fifteen verses seem 

like a perfect place to start.”

– Jody

“I want to congratulate you all at the academy for 

reaching this milestone of conducting a successful webinar.

This was a great experience for me after a long time. 

I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the next one.

 Thank you all for doing this.”

Jai Guru Dev !!

Warm Regards,

– Manika

  • Per the request of our new book agent, we will be writing a consumer-facing book on Kashmir Shaivism in 2015. It can be described as a “beginner’s manual” of sorts on the profound insights Kashmir Shaivism holds. This effort will take committed staff time, and funds are being raised to support the goal of having a solid book proposal to our book agent by June, 2015.
  • In 2015, we will be hosting our first ever widely publicized weekend workshop in Culver City, California. This will be the first weekend workshop of its kind hosted by the Lakshmanjoo Academy, as it will be open to many more students and provide time for learning practical techniques and having conversations about how to apply the tools of Kashmir Shaivism into one’s own life as a transformative tool. Funds are needed to secure a large space to host this retreat and marketing support.

Together we can do more…


To this end, we are sending this end-of-the-year request letter to ask you for your financial support as we continue to spring board the Lakshmanjoo Academy into its next phase of growth. Your support at this time in the organization’s growth will have the greatest impact as we are in a stage where revenue-driven programs are being developed but have not fully kicked in as of yet.

lakshmanjoo academy.orgWe would like to ask that you consider a Monthly Pledge of $25.00, $100.00 or more as we initiate programs that are designed to transform the consciousness of mankind. And, of course, we would also accept any one-time donation as well. All donations are tax-deductible.

For those of you who have the task of end-of-year distribution of funds, this will be the highest use of your giving potential… your donation will assist us in sharing with the world Swami Lakshmanjoo’s personal understanding that “God and the Individual are one” and that this realization is ever-present as our true reality and nature at this very moment.

Please fill in the form below and send it in today and become a thread of support for this extraordinary work.

Community Thread of Support, 2014, Pledge form:


Yes, I want to be part of the THREAD of SUPPORT with my entire community. I understand that my thread, combined with everyone else’s, will create a hammock of support under the organization as it continues to release exciting new works by Swami Lakshmanjoo. I would like to be a:

9bd738d1730953e88836b98d720fdebd120e38d4Monthly Donor of the Lakshmanjoo Academy and receive 10% off all merchandise & classes (minimum donation is $12 per month);

Thread of Support Donor of the Lakshmanjoo Academy and receive two retreats and all webinars for free (minimum donation is $1,500 annually or $125 per month). 

Kashmir Shaivism Enlightened Donor & receive recognition as one of the “Building Blocks” of support to establish the new Lakshmanjoo Academy (formerly The Universal Shaiva Fellowship). Your name will be listed prominently in this regard. Minimum donation is $5,000 over four years.  

Kashmir Shaivism Legacy Donor and receive recognition as a Life Time Founder of the Lakshmanjoo Academy and of the Legacy of Swami Lakshmanjoo’s work. Your name will be listed prominently in this regard. 108 Legacy seats are available & the life time donation for this acknowledgement is $25,000 or more.

Your participation & donations will help us continue to preserve and show case the diamond of Kashmiri heritage which are the revelations and teachings of monastic master, Swami Lakshmanjoo.

Thank you!

Sincerely Yours, 

In Swami Lakshmanjoo’s name, 

Shanna Hughes 

Executive Director


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