2.1. cittaṁ mantraḥ

Mind is mantra.

2.2. prayatnaḥ sādhakaḥ

(For such a yogī) pauseless effort brings about his attainment of God consciousness.

2.3. vidyāśarīrasattā mantrarahasyam

The secret essence of mantra is establishment in the body of the knowledge of oneness.

2.4. garbhe cittavikaso’viśiṣṭa vidyāsvapnaḥ

When a yogī’s mind is satisfied with the expansive body of illusion then he falls in the world of differentiated perceptions and his knowledge of being is just like that of ordinary living beings.

2.5. vidyāsamutthāne svābhāvike khecarī śivāvasthā

The pure knowledge of God consciousness effortlessly rises and this state of Śiva is realized as one with the state of khecarī.

2.6. gururupāyaḥ

The master (guru) is the means.

2.7. mātṛikācakrasambodhaḥ

(The disciple attains) the knowledge of the wheel of the hidden mother (Mātṛikācakra).

2.8. śarīraṁ haviḥ

The establishment of I consciousness on the body becomes an offering in the fire of God consciousness.

2.9. jñānamannam

(For such a yogī) differentiated perception is his food, or knowledge of his own nature is his food.

2.10. vidyāsaṁhāre tadutthasvapnadarśanam

Although he is established in God consciousness in samādhi, yet not being able to maintain awareness, after a short time he enters into the dreaming state.


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