By the intensity of Thy devotion, Swami Lakshmanjoo, Kashmir Shaivism

By the intensity of Thy devotion Swami Lakshmanjoo reveals the beautiful devotional text the Hymns to Shiva, Utpaladeva’s Shivastotravali.





Chapter 16 (11:36)

विषमस्थोऽपि स्वस्थोऽपि रुदन्नपि हसन्नपि 

गम्भीरोऽपि विचित्तोऽपि भवेयं भक्तितः प्रभो  ॥८॥

viṣamastho’pi svastho’pi rudannapi hasannapi /

gambhīro’pi vicitto’pi bhaveyaṁ bhaktitaḥ prabho //8//

O Lord Śiva, O my Master, by the intensity of my devotion, viṣamastho’pi, let me remain in crisis altogether for my whole life. I don’t mind. Svastho’pi, let me remain peaceful. I don’t mind. If my life is peaceful, let it remain peaceful. If my life is miserable altogether from top to bottom, let it remain like that. Rudannapi, if I am bent upon weeping altogether day and night, let me remain like that. Hasannapi, if I am only laughing for my whole life, let it be like that. Gambhīro’pi, if I will be gambhīra (bhīra is grave), let me remain grave, reserved. Vicitto api . . .

Vicitto’pi means that thing which is not to be revealed to people, that, too, you reveal. That is vicitta. When something [is a] secret, it is to be kept secret, but you don’t keep it secret, you reveal it to people.

SCHOLAR: A blabber mouth.

SWAMIJI: Yes, that is vicitta.

. . . and this position would come into me by the intensity of Thy devotion.


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