In each and every action of the universe ~Swami Lakshmanjoo

This is an excerpt from the Shiva Sutras, The Supreme Awakening as revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo. Read about its origin as Lord Shiva’s direct revelation to Vasugupta here. This is from the third awakening, 39th sutra…

You must infuse Turya in each and every action of the world ~Swami Lakshmanjoo



39. citta sthitivaccharīra karaṇabāhyeṣu //

The awareness of God consciousness should not only be infused in that state where one’s mind is established in one-pointedness, but it should also be infused in the establishment of his body,
 in his organic actions,
 and in the external objective world.

He should also find the state of turya in the objective world. You must infuse turya—which gives life to the three states, waking, dreaming and deep sleep—in each and every action of the universe. When one is introverted and his mind is established in one-pointedness, that is the state of turya. In the same way, when his consciousness is directed toward the objective world, when he is extroverted and not introverted, then in the action of the body, in the action of the organs, and in the action of the external objective world, he should hold the awareness of internal consciousness. Then in time, he should also infuse the life of turya into that state.

It is said in Vijñāna Bhairava:

You must infuse your consciousness with the awareness that this whole universe or your own body has been simultaneously filled with your own state of bliss. Through this bliss, you will become melted in supreme bliss. (Vijñāna Bhairava 65)

Infuse consciousness in the beginning and also in the center of these three states and you will become one with that blissful state. There will be no difference between you and that blissful state.

In this way, in each and every state of life, the energy of absolute independence (svātantrya śakti), which is filled with supreme bliss, gives you whatever you desire.

Next, what happens “when this internal state of turya is not constantly maintained with awareness…”, 40th Sutra.

(source: Shiva Sutras, The Supreme Awakening, by Swami Lakshmanjoo)
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