The following is an excerpt from Chapter 13 of the book: Hymns to Shiva, Utpaladeva’s Shiva Stotravali, Here, Swami Lakshmanjoo recites two verses that give the flavor of this highly devotional text. This video was recorded by John Hughes in 1990, and at that time Swamiji was feeling sensitive to light, which is why he chose to wear dark glasses.

Utpaladeva’s Shiva Stotravali was a cherished favorite of Swamiji, so we have chosen this text for the ongoing weekly Sangha which is held online every Saturday morning 8 am pacific time. For more information click here… 

(Chapter 13, verses 1 and 3)

संग्रहेण सुखदुःखलक्षणं  मां प्रति स्थितमिदं शृणु प्रभो 

सौख्यमेष भवता समागमः  स्वामिना विरह एव दुःखिता  ॥१॥

saṅgraheṇa sukha-duḥkha-lakṣaṇaṁ māṁ prati sthitam-idaṁ śṛṇu prabho /

saukhyameṣa bhavatā samāgamaḥ svāminā viraha eva duḥkhitā //1//


तावके वपुषि विश्वनिर्भरे  चित्सुधारसमये निरत्यये 

तिष्ठतः सततमर्चतः प्रभुं जीवितं मृतमथान्यदस्तु मे  ॥३॥

tāvake vapuṣi viśvanirbhare  cit-sudhā-rasa-maye niratyaye /

tiṣṭhataḥ satatam-arcataḥ prabhuṁ  jīvitaṁ mṛtam-athānyadastu me //3//


I want to explain its meaning, tāvake vapuṣi viśvanirbhare, tāvake vapuṣi, your body O Lord, O Lord Shiva, your body which is viśva nirbhare, filled with universality, it is universal, your body is universal, it is not beyond the universe, it is universal also. And your body is cit-sudhā-rasamaye, it is filled with the nectar of all-consciousness.

Cit-sudhā-rasamaye, and niratyaye, and it never exhausts, it is always new.

Cit-sudhā-rasamaye niratyaye, tiṣṭhataḥ . . . I would like to stay there O Lord!

Cit-sudhā-rasamaye niratyaye, tiṣṭhataḥ, satatam-arcatā, how I want to remain in that?

I want to adore you always!

Then, afterwards I don’t care!

Jīvitaṁ mṛtam athā, if I have to live, well and good; mṛtam, if I have to die, well and good; if I have to get mokṣa well and good – I don’t care for these things – not for life, not for death, not for mokṣa (liberation).

I want just to worship you!

Tāvake vapuṣi viśvanirbhare . . . why don’t you recite it!

tāvake vapuṣi viśvanirbhare  citsudhārasamaye niratyaye /

tiṣṭhataḥ satatamarcataḥ prabhuṁ  jīvitaṁ mṛtamathānyadastu me //3//

[ END ]

Source: Hymns to Shiva, Utpaladeva’s Shiva Stotravali, revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo

All rights reserved, Copyright © John Hughes

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