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Happy Diwali! 20% discount on all publications

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The Oral Teachings of Kashmir Shaivism

It was Swami Lakshmanjoo’s heartfelt desire that his teachings of Kashmir Shaivism be preserved and made available to all human kind. Swami Lakshmanjoo was the last in an unbroken chain of masters. His teachings draw from the depths of his personal experience, and from the knowledge handed down over the past 5,000 years through the line of masters of the oral tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.

Set of Nine classic and transformational books published by the Lakshmanjoo Academy:

(Includes 106 hours of free downloadable audio of original transmissions of the oral Teachings by Swami Lakshmanjoo)


Also available as paperback set as ebook set and as individual titles:

  • The Magical Jewel of Devotion in Kashmir Shaivism; Bhatta Nārāyana’s Stava Cintāmani
  • Light on the Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism;  Abhinavagupta’s Tantraloka first Chapter
  • The Mystery of Vibrationless-Vibration in Kashmir Shaivism: Vasugupta’s Spanda Kārikā & Kṣhemarāja’s Spanda Sandoha
  • Bhagavad Gita, In the Light of Kashmir Shaivism
  • Essence of the Supreme Reality, Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara
  • Kashmir Shaivism, The Secret Supreme
  • Hymns to Shiva, Utpaladeva’s Shivastotravali
  • Manual for Self Realization: 112 Meditations of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra
  • Shiva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening

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